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Going to the dentist is not one my favorite pastimes. Twice a year and hopefully not more. Nothing worst then having a shot or two of novacaine and then you cannot eat for 2 to 3 hrs afterwards... Awful! Big gauze or the rubber mouth extender in your mouth...Yuck!

Dr Ting makes you feel comfortable, explains procedures and makes the appointment painless. I had an appointment for a cleaning and it went well.  With a cleaning their is always X-rays and today's digital X-rays you don't have to deal with those pieces of film in your mouth.

I have to say one of the better dentists around.

Jim D.
Alameda, CA

I first visited Dr. Ting with a chronic pain which my prior dentist had tried to treat,  It took Dr. Ting about 2 minutes to diagnose the problem.  I have been his patient since then and always enjoy his professional service.
He is reasonably priced and considerate of you and your time.  I highly recommend him.

Jan C.
Alameda, CA

My Dad first found Dr. Ting years ago, then my entire family and extended family began seeing Dr. Ting for dental work.  Gets the job done.  Has a new office at the corner of Lincoln, one block east of Park St.  Own parking lot.  No longer in Harbor Bay.

Doctor G.
Alameda County, CA

Ting's the thing.

My dentist of over thirty years recently woke up dead and I needed a new, live one.

The wife and kids have been going to Dr. Ting for some years now and have been quite happy with him. To tell you the truth, I had been thinking of switching over to Dr. Ting myself, even before my then-extant dentist went to the Great Spit Sink in the Sky. I was just too embarrassed.  You know, all those years and all.  So lucky for me he up and died.  Not to be self-centered or anything, but that made things a lot easier for me.

I was psyched.  Dr. Ting's office was just three blocks from where I stay at.

After my first appointment, he moved halfway across town.  I'm tempted to take away a star for that, but I'm going to be adult about it and not hold it against him.
In the relatively short time I have been going to Dr. Ting, he has done a fair amount of work on my skull - the teeth part specifically - and I have been quite pleased with the results, which is more than I can say for the dearly departed in the culminating years of our relationship.

Not to speak ill of the dead or anything.

If you have teeth, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, you need a dentist who is still alive. You need a cool dentist with a cool name. You need Dr. Paul Ting.

Jimmy J.
Alameda, CA

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